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Obedience All Levels:

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Who Rescued Who !

This program is best suited for adult/juvenile dogs with no previous training experience. It is “pawesome” for rescue dogs who need help building their confidence, have common behaviour problems, or who need help understanding basic canine manners. With persistence, consistency, and repetition, your goals can be achieved.

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Bringing Puppy Home:

Bringing a puppy or adult dog, into a new environment is scary for both parties involved.  Ace Dog Training Montreal offers a 2 hr session that will help you make sure your new dog has a smooth, happy and harmonious transition.
With the pet industry flooded with all sorts of marketing gimmicks, choosing what you NEED can be overwhelming. Learn the basics of what is needed without spending money on unnecessary or useless items. Together we can choose the puppy/doggy starter kit what best suits your dogs needs.


In-Home puppy evaluations:

Puppy evaluations are used to establish your puppy’s strengths and weaknesses. This helps to determine which direction is needed to build on those strengths, while modifying the weaknesses.
Training should start as soon as your dog comes home with you. During the first 6 months of life, dogs may develop certain behavior problems which can be avoided with proper early training as we guide your puppy in the right direction.

Behavior Modifications:

Behavioral issues can arise at any time during your dog’s life. Together we can work to correct or modify behavioral issues your dog may be experiencing.
Many dog behavioral problems can be traced to a lack of understanding and communication between the dog and the owner.


Feline care: $20.00/day

Feeding, medication, cleaning litter box, bringing in mail, watering plants, keeping cat company/playing for 1 hr.




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