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Jayne DeLuca

Having grown up in Northern Ontario, I was blessed to live in a household full of domestic animals and some not so domestic animals. Whether it was canine, feline, reptile, fish, bird,
or the occasional wild animal, no critter was ever turned away.

My Grandmother and Mother were always cleaning up a stray, caring for a baby bird that had fallen from a nest, or feeding a 3 legged fox that would come for breakfast and a chin scratch every morning.

The dogs were always my favorite. I just loved being around dogs. Having one was not enough. If there was a dog show at the local arena, I was there. I must have driven some of those poor owners insane with my questions and lingering around. Now that I look back, I must have come across as a stray looking for a home. Lol

When I was 10 years old, I started my first dog walking business. What better way to be around different breeds and see what makes them tick? When I would walk the dogs, I would teach them to walk without pulling, sit, and shake a paw. Working with the dogs was always a rewarding challenge.

As, I got older my education took me in the direction of business management.

After 17 years of climbing the corporate ladder (in heals no less), I came to the conclusion, that life is short and I was not meant to be tethered to a desk. It was time for a change. I spent countless hours and sleepless nights, asking that infamous question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

I often found myself remembering my days walking the dogs, teaching dogs, and learning from them too. I knew in my heart of hearts what I wanted to do. So, I traded in my wishbone for a backbone, and left the corporate world behind.

With still so much to learn, I went in search of someone who could help me achieve my goal. This led me to the Montreal Dog Trainers Network run by Master Dog Trainer, Harry Kalajian. Studying alongside Harry with his vast canine knowledge and expertise has proven to be invaluable.

Through keen observation, hands on experience and continuing education, I am able to successfully work with dog owners and their canine companions to establish and enrich
the bond between them. Seeing a happy dog, who knows his place, feels secure and safe in his environment is beyond rewarding for me. The world may be getting smaller, but there is always room for a dog.

For myself, a life without a dog would seem incomplete and in the words of the late Charles Schulz;”Happiness is a warm puppy.”













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